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For my MPO to establish initial TAM performance targets by July 1, 2017, each transit provider in our metropolitan area must provide their targets for State of Good Repair for each asset class. What if all of the transit providers have not finished?

FTA recognizes that some transit providers may not have had complete data available to set their initial targets by January 1, 2017, which in some cases may be leading to ongoing delays for the transit providers to share with the MPO. In these cases, once the transit agency(s) submits its performance targets to the MPO, it should coordinate with all transit providers in the metropolitan area to set the MPO’s initial targets within 180 days. FTA will not require deviation from normal planning cycles, as per 23 U.S.C 134(l): The Secretary shall not require a state to deviate from its established planning update cycle to implement changes made by this section.

Updated: Wednesday, June 7, 2017
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