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The transit provider’s performance metric calculations do not incorporate any weighting for value of asset or level of use. As the MPO, are we allowed to incorporate weighting strategies, if it is useful to the MPO planning process?

Yes. These are local decisions. For national consistency in reporting the SGR performance measures, the performance metric calculations prepared by each transit provider (or Group Plan sponsor) to satisfy the TAM rule do not allow any weighting strategies. However, MPOs and their metropolitan planning partners routinely utilize weights for the various rating criteria as they are used in setting priorities for MTP and TIP inclusion. FTA recognizes that each transit provider and MPO has the prerogative to develop and implement a unique analytical approach or decision support tool to prioritize its asset investments. FTA also recognizes that the statute and regulation provide that an MPO must integrate the transit agencies’ asset management plans into the MPO planning process. The MPO must also select SGR performance targets in coordination, to the maximum extent practicable, with the transit agencies.  So if it is useful to the local MTP and TIP planning process, the MPO may consider different weighting strategies to prioritize investments. However, the MPO’s performance reports should be clear on the impacts of a selected strategy, when compared to non-weighted calculations.

Updated: Wednesday, June 7, 2017
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