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Where do we send the TAM targets we are required to establish within 180 days of receiving the transit agency’s targets, and how are they approved? How is the subsequent TAM-related work that is done to support the MTP and TIP planning process approved?

While the transit providers (or Group Plan sponsors) are required to provide their TAM targets and TAM plans to the MPO, and the MPO provides their targets and performance reports to the state DOT (or multiple state DOTs if the MPO is in more than one state), the MPO’s targets are not sent to FTA for review and approval. The MPO sets their targets in coordination with the transit providers, and the MPO’s system performance reports measure progress toward achieving those targets with each update of the MTP. In the TIP, MPOs must describe how implementation of the TIP is anticipated to make progress toward achievement of targets.  Every four years, FTA and FHWA undertake a planning certification review of each MPO in a transportation management area (TMA), where we will look at how the MPO demonstrates it is implementing a performance-based planning process consistent with the FHWA-FTA Final Rule on planning (Statewide and Nonmetropolitan Transportation Planning; Metropolitan Transportation Planning) and the Transit Asset Management Final Rule. 

Updated: Wednesday, June 7, 2017
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