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Will projects that only request incremental costs be prioritized over projects that request the full amount?

Projects to fund the incremental costs of a project may receive a higher rating for the local financial commitment to the project, but will still be evaluated based on the remainder of the evaluation criteria provided in the NOFO.

When demonstrating the state of need for replacement buses, is it best to attach documentation or verbalize the status in the narrative?

The narrative should provide a complete explanation of the need for replacement buses, including any relevant supporting information. Attachments, such as a fleet inventory, vehicle status report, or other documentation, may be used to support the statements in the narrative response.

What is the difference between a "direct" recipient and a "designated" recipient? Can a non-designated recipient apply separately?

Direct recipients receive funding directly from FTA. Designated recipients have been designated by the state governor or his/her designee to receive and/or sub-allocate. Both direct and designated recipients are eligible to apply directly for the Bus and Bus Infrastructure Program.

We are applying for buses and bus facilities. Is each of these a separate project within the supplemental form?

Yes. Each can be considered a separate project. However, it is up to the applicant whether to present multiple related activities as a single project or as multiple independent projects. For projects with multiple components, FTA encourages applicants to identify how the project can be scaled.

Since states can submit a consolidated proposal on behalf of both urbanized and rural areas, does the state have to submit separate consolidated proposals or can there be one single proposal including both urbanized and rural area projects?

The state should submit separate proposals on behalf of its small urbanized and rural areas. Each agency should have its own SF-424 and supplemental form.


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