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Budget & Performance

Learn more about the annual Capital Investment Grant Program (New Starts/Small Starts) funding recommendations.

Federal-aid Project Obligations and Expenditures

President’s Budget Request to Congress

DOT Budget Highlights Fiscal Year 2014

DOT Budget Highlights Fiscal Year 2013

DOT Budget Highlights Fiscal Year 2012

For prior years, visit the Budget & Performance Archive page.

Strategic Plans

DOT Strategic Plan

Highway Trust Fund Shortfall Cash Management Procedures

Should a situation occur where FTA cannot fully reimburse states and/or transit agencies, the agency may take some or all of the following actions. The specific actions would depend on the exact nature of the shortfall.

  • Move from daily to weekly reimbursements
  • Align reimbursements with Trust Fund deposits (twice monthly)
  • Make proportional payments to States and/or transit agencies based on available Trust Fund cash

Status of the Highway Trust Fund

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