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2017 SSO Spring Training Workshop Presentations

Monday, April 24

SSO Introductions 

TSO Federal Oversight of SSO Program

Transportation Security Administration 

Breakout Session 1: SSO and the Grants Process

Breakout Session 2: Notification and Accident Investigation

Breakout Session 3: Agency Designation and Staffing Plan 

Proposed General Directive 17-1: Stop Signal Overruns

Tuesday, April 25

FTA Safety Rulemaking 

FTA Training 

Breakout Session 4: Engineering and Construction

Breakout Session 5: Corrective Action Plans

Breakout Session 6: Program Management and Standards

Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) 

Thursday, April 27

SSO Reporting Tool

SSO Audit Process

Enhanced Federal Oversight

Part 674 Certification Process

Updated: Friday, July 14, 2017
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