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Prevention of Prohibited Drug Use in Transit Operations; Prevention of Alcohol Misuse in Transit Operations

Notice of proposed rulemaking.
In response to a request from a transit agency, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) proposes to allow employers to use the results of post-accident drug and alcohol tests administered by State or local law enforcement personnel when the State and local law enforcement officials have independent authority for the tests and the employer obtains the results in conformance with State and local law. In short, in a very limited number of cases, the employer would be relieved of administering post-accident drug and alcohol tests. If this amendment is adopted, it could ease the burden of employers in testing ``safety-sensitive'' employees after an accident has occurred; it may also relieve some ``safety-sensitive'' employees from taking duplicative post-accident drug and alcohol tests.


Closed on 12/01/1997
Docket No. FTA-97-2925
653 654
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